Dental Implants Permanently
Restore Missing Teeth

When teeth are missing because of disease or an accident, there is hope. Dental implants should be seriously considered when an individual hides their smile because of missing teeth, avoids wearing dentures because of discomfort, is dissatisfied with removable partial dentures and desires to protect their other teeth. More than five million dental implants are placed by dentists each year, and they are one of the very best ways to restore missing teeth. Implants are posts which are surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth, and they are used to hold a single human-made crown or to support a complete set of dentures.

Strong and Beautiful Results – Dental Tooth Implants

Tooth implants offer lasting and durable support to man-made teeth and dental prosthetics, including dentures, bridges and crowns. Implants provide a secure fit for prosthetics so they don’t slip or shift while speaking or eating. The secure fit provided by an implant allows the teeth to feel more natural than a typical removable bridge or denture. Most people report that they find implant-supported dentures to be more comfortable than traditional dentures, which rest directly on the gums. Tooth implants also keep the jawbone from shrinking due to missing teeth, and they tend to be a good value because they provide a lifetime of cosmetic beauty and dental use.

Dental Tooth Implant Benefits

  1. Fill in gaps from missing teeth and smile and laugh freely.
  2. Replace missing teeth and reclaim clear speech.
  3. Replace missing molars and restore the ability to chew.
  4. Protect from shifting and misalignment of other teeth.
  5. Protection from bone loss.
  6. Avoid facial sagging caused by a loss of teeth and bone.

Dental Tooth Implants – Bridges and Implant-supported Dentures

Dental tooth implants can be used to support a bridge when several teeth are missing. An implant-supported bridge can be used to replace several missing teeth and the tooth’s root or foundation. Implant-supported bridges do not require the support of nearby teeth. The dental implants are integrated or fused into the jawbone and tend to be more comfortable and stable for chewing and biting.

Implant-Supported dentures offer a full, complete smile with the ability to speak, chew and talk without slipping or sliding made-made teeth. Tooth implants hold the dentures in position and provide the patient with a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Implant-supported dentures, bridges and crowns are available at Kirt M. Glenn, DMD PC. Patients can expect to receive the very best care and access to the newest and best dental implant technology at our office.

Note:  Dr. Glenn does not place implants. We will coordinate your dental care with an oral surgeon that will provide this service, and then our office will assist in the follow-up and all other services needed.

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