Teeth Whitening for
a Bright and Beautiful Smile

Professional tooth whitening is the best solution for stained or discolored teeth, and a simple whitening procedure can significantly improve and brighten someone’s smile and their overall appearance. Each person has a unique situation, and there are several whitening options available.  Dr. Glenn provides each patient with the best choice for their particular needs. All whitening products contain different amounts of peroxide, and we will recommend the right product for each patient. Store bought products generally contain only three percent peroxide.  All Whitening procedures are done at home, using the custom trays we create for you!  Simple – painless – brighter teeth!

Professional Teeth Whitening Dental Trays

Whitening trays can be used at home to achieve results within just a few days. While over-the-counter teeth whitening trays are available, the best quality trays are provided by the dentist’s office. Over-the-counter options are less efficient, and the results take longer to accomplish. Dr. Glenn creates customized fitting dishes to maximize your results. The whitening gel’s primary ingredient is carbamide peroxide. At-home whitening kits prescribed by Dr. Glenn contain three to twenty percent peroxide, based on the patient’s needs.

Why Visit Dr. Glenn for Teeth Whitening?

We are able to remove streaks from fluorosis, stains from daily use, stains caused by specific medications and to whiten yellowed teeth or to remove brown stains from coffee or smoking. The best way to find out what whitening can do for your smile is to speak with us and learn more about this quick – easy take-home application. Professional tooth whitening options provide quicker and better results than over-the-counter whitening products.

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