Advanced Technology Replaces Missing Teeth with Natural Looking Dentures

If an individual has lost a few teeth or the majority of their natural teeth, they can achieve benefits from full or partial dentures. Substituted teeth add structure to the shape of the lips and teeth and help with talking, freely laughing, chewing, swallowing and smiling.

Types of Dentures

Dr. Glenn will examine the patient’s mouth and will explain the types of dentures that are available and will recommend the best option for the unique needs of the patient. New advances in dentistry offer an enhanced fit along with comfort and a natural appearance. Reputable laboratories fabricate custom teeth to complement and fill the patient’s facial features. It’s best to avoid discounted tooth substitutions because they will not compare to the quality and fit of new technology.

  1. Full Dentures Restore Ability to Eat and SpeakWe offer several options for dentures, each one meant to fill a specific need and budget.  A base is the best way to attach custom designed teeth, and implant anchored dentures offer the best outcome. While this is the high-end of a denture procedure, other options are available and effective as well.  Dentures are manufactured teeth that are set in a pink base to mimic the appearance of gums. Traditional dentures are removable and are designed to be held in position with an over-the-counter adhesive. A complete set of substitute teeth will rest entirely on the gums to replace the missing teeth on both the upper or lower jaw or just the lower or upper jaw. A full set of replacement teeth can restore the ability to eat and speak, although it may require practice and patience.
  2. Partial Dentures Fill in Lost Teeth and Restore ConfidenceDr. Glenn will seek to save as many teeth as possible so that the natural teeth can then used to retain the jaw bone and support partial dentures, artificial teeth or bridges. The severity of tooth loss will be used to determine which types of dentures will be recommended. Partial artificial teeth are used to replace a few missing teeth, which can restore confidence and build self-esteem.

False teeth have significantly improved due to advances in technology and can be comfortably fitted to look completely natural. It does initially require time to become comfortable with partial dentures or full dentures, but Dr. Glenn will make minor adjustments to perfect the fit and to ensure the most reliable bite.

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