Dr. Glenn & Kids – We Can’t Get Enough!  We love to see ALL ages!

Dr. Glenn understand the importance of creating a fun-filled event for every child who steps into the dentist’s office. Studies show that children who feel comfortable with their dentist are more likely to maintain a healthy level of oral care throughout their entire lives. We strive to to make the experience in our office the best place to learn proper home techniques and healthy oral habits that will carry the child into their teens, adulthood and senior years. That beautiful mouth of teeth really can last a lifetime when they are cared for properly.

Dentistry and Cleanings for Kids

Scheduling regular professional dental cleanings is an important part of every child’s dental health as well as daily brushing and flossing. Dr. Glenn uses child-friendly language during each step of the dental cleaning process, which reduces the child’s fear and piques their curiosity. The steps of each kid-friendly cleaning will include:

  • Removal of plaque
  • Removal of tartar
  • Removal of stains with polishing
  • Brushing and flossing training and tips
  • Encouraging healthy food habits

Dentistry – Kids Dental Exams

Regular examinations will detect and prevent health issues before they can become serious. Each child should be seen twice a year to catch any dental problems while they are small and easiest to treat. When dental issues are missed or ignored by parents, problems will begin to develop and accelerate. Regular cleanings and exams can protect the child from tooth decay, excess plaque, tartar and oral health issues. Our kids examinations include:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Visual inspection of the oral cavity for anything unusual
  • Examination of child’s head, neck, cheeks, and lips for signs of anything unusual

Kids Dentistry Services

  • Dental exams, cleanings and fillings
  • Child dental emergencies
  • Sedation dentistry Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
  • Extractions
  • Wisdom teeth treatment
  • Pulpotomy/polypectomy – treatment of extensive decay
  • Crowns (Creates a new outer surface for a tooth after a pulpectomy)
  • Treatment of dental abscesses
  • Treatment of pediatric gum disease
  • Fluoride and sealants – sealant provides a child’s teeth with extra protection to prevent cavities in hard-to-reach areas, small cracks and grooves

We believe that everyone deserves to grow up with a healthy smile, and they work hard to ensure that each child is provided with the tools they need to obtain and maintain optimum oral health. At Kirt M. Glenn, DMD PC, we can’t wait to meet your child!

Dr. Glenn’s office is not a Pediatric specific practice.  We treat all ages, but if a child has a procedure or other need that exceeds our practice, we will assist you in coordinating with a Pediatric office that we know will take the best care of your child.

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