Senior Dentistry – Providing
Optimum Oral Health

Senior dentistry provides optimum oral health for our wonderful Seniors!

There are common dental issues that seniors face, and whether they have their natural teeth preserved or are in need of significant dental work, they can benefit from seeing a senior dentistry specialist. Dentistry for seniors should be completed by compassionate, dental professionals who have experience with mature adults and understand the physical changes that seniors are experiencing. Dr. Glenn is caring and compassionate and excellent with all ages!

Senior Dental Services Maintain Oral Health

Losing teeth is NOT a natural part of the aging process. Senior dentistry offers tools for strengthening oral health and protecting the longevity of teeth. Biological changes may require oral hygiene changes and an adjustment in hygiene methods. For example, the production of saliva can decrease with age or may be limited due to prescription drugs, which can cause changes in a senior’s oral health and brushing to become uncomfortable.

During a dental care exam and consultation, Dr. Glenn will discuss new ways for the patient to preserve and maintain good oral health. Some suggestions may include taking a supplement to encourage the production of saliva, dietary changes and the use of a different toothbrush and flossing system. Many patients over the age of 50 find using an electric toothbrush to be more beneficial than a traditional toothbrush. Using age-appropriate oral hygiene can help seniors preserve their natural teeth.

Popular Senior Dental Services

Seniors have some common dental issues, and the most popular dental therapy services include:

  • Regular dental exams, cleanings and checkups
  • Denture repairs
  • Denture replacements
  • Denture implants
  • Root canals
  • Periodontal (gum disease) treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Emergency dental care

Each senior at Kirt M. Glenn, DMD PC is provided with a customized dental care plan to meet their specific oral needs. Senior dental services are designed to help seniors enjoy the full use of their teeth throughout the remainder of their life. A pain-free smile, the ability to chew, laugh and talk freely is a luxury that everyone deserves. Regular cleanings and treatment for periodontal gum disease can prevent unnecessary decay and the potential loss of teeth. Permanent dentures and dental implants can provide seniors with a healthy and beautiful set of teeth. There are affordable dental care options available for seniors, which can restore missing teeth, whiten a bright smile or preserve the senior’s natural teeth. ┬áCall us for specials and promotions!*

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